Question: Are you insured and bonded?

   Answer: Yes,  I am insured and Bonded by The Business Insurers of the Carolinas

            Question: Do you belong to any professional dog training organizations?

      Answer: Yes, I am a member of The Pet Professional Guild



Question: Do you belong to a pet sitter association?

 Answer: Yes, I belong to the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters

Question: Will you take my dog to a dog park?

Answer: If you want me to I will.   But, I personally do not think dog parks are safe or clean.   In Dallas there is no one to check each dog to ensure that shots are up to date.  Which means, if a dog bites YOUR DOG during play or a fight everything is on the “honesty policy”.  I personally don’t want to risk your dogs health on that.  I’ve seen several dog fights because many owners have not properly trained their dog to know how to behave in a public dog park.  My own dog was almost attacked at a dog park because the owner had no ability to control her own dogs aggressive attitude.  We left before a fight broke out. Rather than going to a dog park I believe it would be safer and more enjoyable to visit one of the many Dallas parks that are much safer and cleaner than a traditional “dog park”.

Question: Are you First Aid certified?

Answer: Yes, I am Animal First Aid Certified and Dog CPR certified by Pet Tech 1st Aid & CPR