Pet Sitting for Dogs, Cats, Ferret, Rabbit, or Bird

Add $2 per additional cat or dog after 2 pets. No charge for small animals such as a hamster, guinea pig, mouse or rat if I am already visiting other pets in the same home.

    • 15 minute visits for cats or dogs  with outdoor potty break for dogs $15.00 per 15 minute visit –  For 1 or 2 pets

    • 30 minute visits for cats or dogs with outdoor potty break for dogs $22.00 per 30 minute visit –  For 1 or 2 pets

    • 45 minute visits for cats or dogs with outdoor potty break for dogs $26.00 per 45 minute visit –  For 1 or 2 pets

  • What will I do during each visit? Each visit includes pictures by text if you would like them 🙂  During inclement weather (snow, ice, rain, extreme heat) there could be situations where going outdoors isn’t safe or healthy for your dog.  I will inform you by text if this situation arises

    • Breakfast feeding from 6am – 9am.  Dinner feedings start at 4pm going til 8pm. (all visits are completed by 9pm)

    • Potty Break walk for dogs & pups, feeding, wash and fill water bowls(s), playtime and affection

    • Litter Box Cleaning for kitties, feeding, wash and fill water bowl(s), playtime and affection

      • Please be aware that for the safety of your cats I must visit them at least once a day.  They can become ill or find themselves in unexpected trouble if I don’t visit them daily and, it would be a very unfortunate situation that I don’t want to have happen.  I also have a safety policy from my liability insurance company that requires me to visit all cats every 24 hours.   Thank you for understanding.

One of the services I provide to all my pet sitting clients is safely taking all boxes or packages delivered to your doorstep  inside the home.  I also take a picture of the label and send it by text to you so that you know that it has arrived safely.  This comes in VERY handy at Christmas time when there are so many thieves cruising neighborhoods looking for a “free gift”…!

Short Love Visits for your Dog, Cat, Ferret, Rabbit or Bird

  • 15 minute visits for your pets’ food, water, love and attention: $17.50 per visit (there is not enough time to include litter box cleaning on a “Short Love Visit”)

Pet Taxi Transportation (Veterinarian, Dog Wash or Pet Store for pet food or products)

    • $25 per 30 minute drive and errand time  (If you choose I will text you 4 times: when leaving your home, when I arrive at the destination, when I leave the destination and then when I returning back at your home).

    • If you wish, I can also take your dog to a self-serve dog wash (Petco Unleashed has the best price) $25 per 30 minute drive plus the cost of the dog wash $10 per dog (priced checked January 2017). 

    • Pet taxi pictures? If you would like a picture from your pet’s visit to the vet just let me know and I’ll gladly send you one 🙂

Water your house plants or check on your house to make sure nothing is out of place (no pets included)

  • $20 per 15 minute visit to water your house plants and check in and around the house to make sure all doors and windows are locked and reset the alarm if available.