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Pet Sitting and Dog Boarding 

       If you would like to contract me to Pet Sit for you or Board your dog in my home you please download and fill out the appropriate form at the bottom of this page .  For Dog Boarding please bring it with you. For Pet Sitting please keep it at your residence (I’m sorry, I am unable to board cats in my home).  All dogs & cats for pet sitting in your home must have their current rabies vaccination and paperwork available on the first day of pet sitting (or a signed letter from your veterinarian explaining why your pet does not need the vaccination). Thank you.
      I am able to board a maximum of 2 dogs from the same home at a time.  All dogs for boarding must have three things:

              1.  Current rabies vaccination and paperwork available on the first day of boarding
              1. Their own private dog kennel or dog crate.
              1. Their own food & bowl (and medication if necessary)

      I can not board any dog that has a bite history or an aggressive nature (No exceptions please).  Boarding any dog(s) in my home requires that your dog has received some dog training, has good house manners and is friendly & approachable.  It also involves having your dog(s) meet my dog.  If all goes well then boarding is NO problem. If it appears to me that my dog will not get along in peace and harmony with your dog(s)  I will have to decline the opportunity to board your dog (sorry!).  So far I have not had to deny anyone dog boarding so long as both dogs receive a proper and relaxed introduction.  I have found that taking them out for a short walk helps cement the dog-dog relationship and all seems to go well after that. But, I can not guarantee that it will work 100% of the time. But, it has so far 🙂 Thank you for your understanding 🙂