Hello, I’m David Shaw.  I have lived in the Country Forest / Jackson Meadows community of Richardson, Texas since 2006.     I’ve worked in luxury homes and on luxury yachts from  Newport Beach, California  to Atlanta, Georgia as a caterer, cooking teacher and private chef but, I’ve grown tired of the long hours a cook spends on his feet standing at a stove or stainless steel table.  So, I decided to “let my business go to the dogs” and open a  pet friendly business as a Professional Pet Sitter. I am now much happier loving on cats and dogs 🙂
I am proud to be a member of the following associations:
       My philosophy of training and animal care is founded in  “force free positive reinforcement training”.  In other words, dog positive, dog friendly and no hitting, scolding, yelling,  painful discipline or other unfriendly-ness of any kind.  I do not support or use Prong Collars, Choke Collars or Shock Collars.
     When a dog is treated with the right kind of rewards, stimulus and communication you won’t “Need” to force, coerce, or intimidate your dog to behave properly.  When your dog “trusts” you there is NO need to intimidate or create a “fear” of you the owner.  It’s the “relationship” between you and your dog that fosters the “good” behavior that a dog owner desires from “man’s best friend”.
              I am the sole owner and the only employee of my company. You and your pet will receive personalized attention from me and only me, no one else 🙂  No large company to deal with, no one else to have to get used to. Just me “Walk the Paw” David Shaw 🙂

Here are some pictures of my previous life as a freelance cook and bartender.